Herring Gutters Festival 2011

Well it’s our first blog post here at down-newcastle.com and i guess it fitting it’s about one of the best things that happens in Newcastle over the summer “The Herring Gutters Festival”.

I didn’t get to attend the festival on Friday but i made up for it on Saturday and i hope to make up for it a bit more later tonight (Sunday).

One of the biggest changes we seen at the festival this year was the amazing marque, great idea and even space for another bar in there, of course this will be the only year it doesn’t rain and we don’t need it 🙂

The music over the festival was good and also had a bit of a mix which can help, the only thing really missing from the tent was a wee space to do some dancing but it didn’t stop some.  Playing at the festival this year were The Humdingers,  Billy Leathem, Granite and The Happy Enchiladas (we love The Happy Enchiladas).

There seemed to be a bit of “burger wars” going on between the Harbour Inn and the Lifeboat Station, both claiming to have the best burger and both smelling amazing. Come the end of the night and with no luck in the raffle i had no choice to succumb to the burger… I chose to go to the Lifeboat Station burger stall in the end and i was not disappointed.  At 1 am and after several drinks it tasted like the best burger in the world…

If you attended the festival this year you would have undoubtedly seen Frances from the Harbour Inn running around in her high vis vest attending to everything, well many thanks to her and all the bar staff and kitchen/bbq staff that made it all happen.  At the end of the night i did find Frances wondering on the road celebrating another night over successfully…

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