There’s bin a theft

Well it’s not nice having to write about crime but if it helps someone get caught then it’s worth while…

On the early hours of Monday the 29th (or late Sunday night) of August 2011, one of the residents near the rock in Newcastle once again had her bin’s stolen.  This is not the first time this has happened, over the past few years the family’s bin’s have been stolen several times.  Also there front and back gate to there house have also been stolen, there pet rabbits which were in a rabbit hutch in the back garden were both mysteriously found dead and a large oak tree in the back garden had a 2 inch wide strip cut all the way around the bark in an attempt to kill it.

The family eventually had CCTV installed in an attempt to catch the culprit in the act. The person had obviously noticed the cameras and stared doing things just out of view of the camera like smashing plant pots but on the 29th he felt brave and donned a hoodie and struck again.

The family have a good idea who is doing all this and his physical appearance matches the person caught on the CCTV video however the person is aware of the CCTV and never looks at the cameras so the police are powerless to do anything.

The person in the video looks to be wearing smart shoes and not trainers so it might be he was on a night out in the pubs and felt brave after having a few drinks.  If you were out on Sunday or recognise  the appearance of the person please get in touch…

Here is the video

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