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7 Reviews on “Broadway Cafe”

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  • Jenni Kerr

    Discovered this little gem today! A wonderful throw back cage, friendly staff, reasonably priced.

  • Chelsea R

    Went in with my partner today and sat at a table in view of the 5 young girls who were working. Even though there was only 3 other tables in the cafe Not one of them acknowledged that we were even there because all 5 of them were to busy laughing and chatting at something on one of their phones. We sat there looking round us waiting for someone to give us a menu or even offer us a drink. We waited for 10 minutes before getting up and leaving the staff were still to busy talking to each other and looking at the phone. The only acknowledgment we got was as we were leaving one of them said to the other “Go and clear that table they just came from”…………..of course there was nothing there to clear as we did not get the chance to order anything………..awful service and probably will never give this place another thought because of it.

  • June

    The Broadway was a firm favourite of mine in the 1960s.. It had a fabulous
    BalAmi juke box and was popular with teenagers and was the In place to go and bee seen. Cappucinos were the trendy thing to drink and they had a real italian Gaggia coffee machine.. great to see that its still there for future generations to enjoy
    Pity that the juke box has gone..

  • edele

    Ate here on Easter Monday, 28/03/2016. This cafe is seriously under rated, I took my kids and husband here as where we usually go was completely packed. When we walked in the place was packed out, but a member of staff came over to us, greeted us and got a table cleaned up and ready to go straight away. We ordered the cod for ourselves and the kids meals for the wee ones, the portions were great and the food was fantastic. The blonde haired girl that was serving us was fantastic, the kids loved her and she even gave them wee mini eggs to take away with them. It was my first time in the cafe and we will definitely be back.

  • Cazzy Magennis

    Check out Broadway Cafe on facebook for their new menu, great specials & wonderful service!

  • Ronnie Aulds

    The Broadway is a great place for a meal, and especially for families, food is good and reasonably priced.if it was as bad as the previous review it wouldn’t have survived 83 years.
    Must be another agenda at work there !!

  • Ali

    I visited this cafe on easter sunday with a friend as all the other cafes were packed. We waited 15 minutes for someone to approach for our order. After waiting a further 40 minutes I asked where our food was and 2 minutes later it appeared which made me suspect they hadn’t realised it was sitting ready to be served! It was lukewarm, the fried egg was hard and we had been given the smallest piece of potato farl I have ever seen in my life! It actually looked like we had each been given a tiny corner of the same farl because they had run out! Safe to say I will NEVER be back as the food and service were terrible and it wasn’t exactly cheap either.

  • Anne

    The first time I visited the broadway cafe my table was not clean, however staff were quite friendly so I stayed which I now definitely regret. I ordered a chicken burger which looked fine when I got it but as I took my first bite roasting hot oil burnt my mouth and ran out of my burger the whole way down my arm leaving my arm stinging red for the whole day. I called a member of staff over and explained to them as the hot oil poured out of my burger and I was brought something else. By the time I got mine my family were finished and I had to rush my dinner. I was in Newcastle again yesterday and as everywhere was very busy we had to go here again after trying many places. I sat down ordered something different, until my experience was once again ruined! Dirty table, drunk man sat right next to my family and I and I was disgusted that he was allowed to bring his own alcohol into this cafe and as far as I know broadway cafe are not licensed for alcohol. When one of my family members asked a member of staff if he was allowed to drink beer here he was ignored as the staff member got the man a glass for his own beer. After all that the man tried to start a fight and kept shouting over to our table and nothing was done about it. We had no choice to leave, and by the looks of it you can’t afford to lose customers. I am disgusted and actually embarrassed for the manager and workers of the broadway cafe, it is unhygienic, and unsafe and I will defiantely not be returning and niether will any of my family or friends because I have spread the word. The one star that I have given is for the nice member of staff that served us the first time round who was clearly horrified and embarrassed that hot oil had poured out of my burger and burnt me, complete disgrace! Will never be back!!

    1. Must have been a one off.I have been a confirmed regular since @ 1962 when I was five.Was taken in for nightcap to make me sleep.Its a piece of history and has been there since 1931. I love the atmosphere and the food is good.Ive never had any complaints and the staff are great fun.The brothers that run it are always friendly and I cant imagine Newcastle without it.Long may it continue.

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